Seasonal Camping

Seasonal Camping Services

Seasonal Fully Serviced and Non Serviced Sites
Season May 15 – October 15

Experience the great outdoors with our Seasonal Sites at the park. Nestled amidst nature’s beauty, our campsites offer a serene escape for campers of all ages. In spring, witness vibrant blooms and refreshing breezes; in summer, bask in the warmth of sunny days and starlit nights. Fall brings a symphony of colors as foliage transforms, creating a picturesque backdrop for outdoor adventures.

Even in winter, our campground Off Season is optional and remains open for seasonal tenants, providing a cozy retreat for snow enthusiasts to enjoy Hunting, Fishing, Sledding, Cross Country Skiing, and more. With basic facilities, you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

RV Camp

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competitive Storage rates

Our Storage Rates

Outdoor Storage

📌 Per Month $45.00
📌 5 Months $165.00
📌 6 Months $190.00
📌 Yearly Fee $360.00

Indoor Storage

📌 6 Months $695.00
📌 7 Months $775.00
📌 Yearly Fee $1195.00

Affordable Site rates

Camping Site Rates

Unserviced Site

Single Site
  • Per season - $2100-$2600
  • Per Month - $575.00
  • Per Week - $210.00
  • Per Night - $33.50

Fully serviced RV site

Single & Double Sites
  • Per season + power - $3600-$4700
  • Per Month + power - $900.00
  • Per Week + power - $350.00
  • Per Night + Power - $55.00
  • Per Season (Double) - $6400-$8000
Please take Note

Important Notice

Septic Services

$42.00 per dump with service truck
$25.00 per self serve trailer dump

Premier Sites are extra

One Vehicle Per Site Per Trailer and 4 people
Sites May Vary Depending on Trailer Sizes

Guests Information

All guests who are not registered must register prior to entering and are subject to the following fees, where applicable:

Overnight Camping

Pet Information

More Information

Seasonal Sites

Seasonal sites from May 15-October 15 Off Season (available to leased seasonal campers as an option) we will be open for hunters, snowmobilers, cross country skiers, local working clients or those who wish to enjoy the diverse recreational opportunities or those who wish to enjoy the diverse recreational opportunities